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June is coming August 30th. Are you ready? is going to change the way tech people get hired forever.

Techweek 2014: Speakers Series: CTO Panel

Lane Campbell at Upload VR in San Francisco

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Got to meet Harper Reed tonight.

Picture is now online:

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Here are some of my latest mentions in the press. There are more but these are the latest from this…

Stuff I've Done

1988 - I got a gameboy and started playing games (I was 3 years old)

1998 - I took apart an entire computer without instructions and managed to put it back together correctly while also installing upgrades. There were no photo's taken.

1999 till 2003 - Started doing computer repair for neighbors and began to learn how networks operate.

2002 - I was kicked out of all my High School computer classes when I figured out how to safely propagate popular games onto network shares design for teachers but accessible to all students throughout the district.

2003 - I…

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Checkout my comments in CRN about Rackspace:

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New website, new photos, what a fun way to kick it in the Middle of July.